About Us

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We are Stable

Founded in 1966, Western Assurance is an independent insurance agency located in Albuquerque, New Mexico dedicated to reducing our client’s cost of risk, delivering comprehensive insurance solutions, and providing outstanding service to our customers.

We are Client Focused

Our local structure of operation and ownership allows us to remain client-focused rather than being distracted by the earnings-per-share pressure of a public corporation.

We are Growth Oriented

Through the consistent delivery of leading insurance products and innovative resources to help manage risk, protect assets, and build wealth, Western Assurance has grown to become one of New Mexico’s largest independent agencies.

At Western Assurance, we work towards developing business relationships that allow us to genuinely aide our clients. With this trust, we then assist them in reducing both the direct and indirect costs associated with the management of their entire risk program. We do this by applying knowledge, experience, and specific resources to lower our client’s costs.

We are NOT an Insurance “Vendor”

Any insurance agent can simply “shop” for the “best” policy, “block markets”, and try to “save you money”. Our goal is to be much more than just a vendor of insurance.

Our Approach to Business

Stick to the fundamentals
Over time, we have seen dramatic changes in our business and our market place; product delivery, automation and technology, methods of communication, the pace of business, and expectations. Some fundamental principles, however, remain constant; trust, respect, and integrity – we strive to develop business relationships based upon these principles.

Our Culture

We keep things simple
We strive to honor and respect the relationships that have made us who we are. We also understand the importance of integrity, knowledge, and experience. Our desire is to continue to develop these relationships and values through attention, focus, and hard work.